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24-26 November 2021

OS Agenda (Nov.) 2021

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Day 1 – Wednesday 24 NOV 2021
10:00 10:20 Welcome
10:20 12.10 Session 1: Biomarkers – Organisational design driving CoU (Plenary)
10:20 10:30 Philip Timmerman, on behalf of the EBF
BM and CoU – where are we today and where are we going?
10:30 10:50 Kyra Cowan, on behalf of the EBF
Organisational design driving/preventing CoU – a challenge or an opportunity – a stakeholder perspective – a Pharma/Sponsor perspective
10:50 11:10 Michaela Golob, on behalf of the EBF
Organisational design driving/preventing CoU – a challenge or an opportunity – a stakeholder perspective – a CRO/vendor perspective
11:10 11:30 Peter Groenen, Idorsia
Organisational design driving/preventing CoU – a challenge or an opportunity – a stakeholder perspective
11:30 11:50 Anna Laurén, Novo Nordisk
Updating the organisational process and responsibility split for translational work with biomarkers and CoU – a pharma perspective
11:50 12.10 Q&A  and  Introduction to the workshop (Parallel to Session 5)
12.10 13.40 Lunch Break
Poster viewing – click on link to see poster list
Day 1 Poster session requests authors of pasters 1-20 at their poster
13.40 15:20 Session 2: NCE/Chromatography (in parallel with session 3)
13:40 14:00 Nico van de Merbel, ICON
A tiered approach to method validation for the support of a bioequivalence trial with ibuprofen
14.00 14:20 Petra Lewits, Merck KGaA (Not released for publication)
Advances of Monolithic silica columns for the rapid, sensitive, and highly efficient separation of Biomolecules
14:20 14:40  Cathy Lane, Sciex
Sub ng/mL quantification and characterization of oligonucleotides in plasma using microflow LC coupled to a novel QTOF mass spectrometer
14:40 15:00 Heike Wiese, Nuvisan
Enzyme activity assays using LC-MS
15:00 15:20 Delphine Maux, Syneos Health
Non liquid matrix analysis: challenge and approaches
14:00 15:20 Session 3: New Modalities (in parallel with session 2)
14:00 14:20 Anna Laurén, on behalf of the EBF
Applying Context-of-Use to qPCR Method Validation and Analysis: A Recommendation from EBF
14:20 14:40 Marianne Scheel Fjording, BioAgilytix
Bioanalytical assay strategies for immunogenicity assessment of new modalities
14:40 15:00 Niels Nijstad, QPS
The development of a hybridization ECLIA assay for the determination of the payload of a oligonucleotide-antibody conjugate
15:00 15:20 Johannes Stanta, on behalf of the EBF C&GT team
EBF Feedback on ICH S12
15:00 16:20 Coffee break
16:00 18:00 Session 4: Workshop – Remote inspections by Health Authorities  – experiences and challenges (in parallel with session 5)
16:00 16:20 Tsvetelina Ivanova, on behalf of the EBF
Regulatory framework for Remote HA inspection: an overview
16:20 16:40 Robert Nelson, on behalf of the EBF
Practical considerations and challenges from industry
16:40 17:00 Iain Love, Charles River Laboratories
1.5y into remote HA inspections – learning together
17:00 17:20 Martijn Baeten, Sciensano (Belgian Institute for Health)
On: Experience and learnings from remote inspections.
17:20 17:50 Workshop discussion – building on a pre-meeting survey to all delegates
Preparing for best practices breakout – the Rosetta Stone for remote inspections by health authorities
17:50 18:00 Wrap up – preparing to continue the discussion at  the December Workshop
16:20 18:10 Session 5: Workshop – Biomarkers – Organisational design driving CoU (in parallel with session 4)
16:20 16:40 Kyra Cowan, on behalf of the EBF
Organisational design driving CoU – feedback from pre-meeting survey
16:40 18:00 Workshop discussion, incl. organisational design Case studies. Company perspectives from:
16:40 – 16:50   Laetitia Sordé, Sobi
16:50 – 17:00   Ulrich Kunz, Boehringer Ingelheim
17:00 – 18:00   Panel discussion
18:00 18:10 Wrap up
Day 2: 25 November 2021
10:00 11:40 Session 6: Microsampling – recent technological developments – patient centric trials (in parallel with session 7)
10:00 10:20 Franck Saint-Marcoux, Limoges University Hospital – for Shimadzu
Measurement of tacrolimus in dried blood spots: a fully automated sample preparation and LCMS method
10:20 10:40 Bryan van den Broek, Sanquin Diagnostiek
Home sampling as alternative to venepuncture: results, patient experience and implementation
10:40 11:00 Remco Koster, ICON (Not released for publication)
Analytical evaluation of a device for volumetric absorptive microsampling for whole blood sampling from the upper arm
11:00 11:20 Liesl Heughebaert, U-Ghent
Hematocrit prediction of DBS: current status and future outlook
11:20 11:40 Michele Protti, U-Bologna
Advanced blood and tissue microsampling for biomarker investigation of neurodegenerative diseases
10:20 12:00 Session 7: Immunogenicity Technology and Applications (in parallel with session 6)
10:20 10:40 Annelies Turksma, Sanquin Diagnostiek
Robust multi parameter immunomonitoring; Polyfunctional T cell analysis by FluoroSpot
10:40 11:00 Samuel Pine, Ablynx, a Sanofi company
Accessible, adaptable and automated: having it all with an immunogenicity cut-point calculator
11:00 11:20 Laura Geary, LGC
The importance of characterising critical reagents with a focus on bio-conjugated reagents
11:20 11:40 Sam Willcox, Labcorp Drug Development
Development of an anti-PEG antibody assay for assessing immunogenicity of PEGylated proteins and lipid nanoparticles
11:40 12:00 Issa Jyamubandi, LGC
Challenges of developing an ADA assay for Bispecific antibody therapeutic and further ADA characterisation
11:40 13:40 Lunch break
Poster viewing – click on link to see poster list
Day 2 Poster session requests authors of pasters 21-40 at their poster
13:40 15:20 Session 8: Biomarker – Technology and Applications (in parallel with session 9)
13:40 14:00 Petia Doytcheva, Celerion
A fully automated method for CD34+ cells enumeration by flow cytometry in stabilized whole blood
14:00 14:20 David Bettoun, Larimar Therapeutics
Development of NanoString Gene Expression Assays for Studying Frataxin-sensitive Gene Markers in Clinical Samples
14:20 14:40 Kyra Gelderman, Sanquin Diagnostiek
Biomarker assays: a take on optimization and validation in a regulated bioanalysis lab
14:40 15:00 Thomas Antoine, Ablynx, a Sanofi company
Trust but verify: optimization of a multiplex cytokine kit to monitor preclinical CRS
15:00 15:20 Michael Blackburn, Quotient Sciences
Direct LC-ICP-MS / ICP-MS assay for measurement of Non-ceruloplasmin bound copper in Wilsons Disease (a biomarker) with confirmatory High Res MS proteomics
14:00 15:40 Session 9: LBA/CBA – Technical Challenges (in parallel with session 8)
14:00 14:20 Martin Schaefer, F. Hoffmann – La Roche
One plate ahead of the unspecific binding: An innovative approach to solve obinutuzumab interference in a glofitamab-specific PK-Assay
14:20 14:40 Sarah-Jane Kellmann, Bio-Rad Laboratories
Faster Generation of Anti-Drug Antibodies using SpyTag Technology
14:40 15:00 Richard Hughes, LGC
Pushing the limits of PK analysis: can we meet BMV PK criteria with high sensitivity LBAs
15:00 15:20 John Chappell, Gyros Protein Technologies
Advances in ADA, PK, and biomarker immunoassays to meet demands for assay speed and performance
15:20 15:40 Birgitte Stoevring, SVAR Life Science
Functional potency assay feasibility of therapeutics and new modality drug candidate targeting the complement cascade.
15:20 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 18:00 Session 10: Immunogenicity Strategies (in parallel with sessions 11 and 12)
16:20 16:40 Michaela Golob, on behalf of the EBF
Immunogenicity Strategies: cross-industry, cross-functional approaches to understand immunogenicity potential from discovery through launch
16:40 17:00 Annelies Coddens, Argenx
Immunogenicity strategies across programs: risk-based approaches and challenges
17:00 17:20 Yvonne Katterle, Bayer
How immunogenicity risk assessment can translate into an immunogenicity testing strategy
17:20 18:00 panel discussion
16:40 18:20 Session 11: Protein MS – Applications and EBF update (in parallel with sessions 10 and 12)
16:40 17:00 Dominic Foley, Waters
Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 using LC-MS Peptide Enrichment for Clinical Research
17:00 17:20 Alessandro Greco, Evotec (Aptuit, an Evotec company)
Quantification of two mAbs using both ELISA and LC-MS/MS generic methods. Comparison of in-vivo sample results
17:20 17:40 Richard Lucey, LGC
Missed cleavages in bottom-up protein LC-MS workflows: ‘Breaking Bad’-ly cleaved surrogate peptides
17:40 18:00 Matthew Barfield, on behalf of the EBF
Status update from EBF Protein MS team
18:00 18:20 Zhuo Chen – GllaxoSmithKline – 2021 2021 BRSA winner
The Versatility of Q-TOF HRMS in Bioanalysis: From Small Peptides Quantitation to Protein Complexes Characterization
16:20 18:10 Session 12: Data (in parallel with sessions 10 and 11)
16:20 16:40 Gidion de Boer, on behalf of the vendor-neutral secure data transfer team
Solution towards a vendor-neutral and secure transfer of data between LIMS and Instruments
16:40 17:00 Norbert Bittner, up to data
Time to bring it all together: From data transfer to processing to full reporting under ICH M10 based on the EBF Data Integrity Initiative (LCMS)
17:00 17:20 Oriol Peris, Charles River Laboratories
Impact of the data variability due to different patterns of bioanalytical bias – Pharmacokinetic assessment through simulation
17:20 17:40 Luca Ferrari, on behalf of the EBF
EBF feedback to industry and FDA on FDA Bioanalytical Method Template
17:40 18:10 Panel Discussion on FDA Bioanalytical Method Template
Day 3: 26 November 2021
08:00 10:00 Breakfast buffet in Conference Area
09:40 11:00 Session 13: the patient (in parallel with session 14)
09:40 10:00 Julian Freen-van Heeren, Sanquin Diagnostiek (Not released for publication)
Investigating antibody effector mechanisms: how to monitor (unwanted) effects of your therapeutic antibodies
10:00 10:20 Katja Heinig, F. Hoffmann – La Roche
Overcoming bioanalytical challenges during the preclinical and clinical development of risdiplam (Evrysdi®) for the treatment of spinal muscular atrophy in children and adults
10:20 10:40 Floris Loeff, Sanquin Diagnostiek
TDM of biologics reassures clinicians in personalised dosing
10:40 11:00 Coral Munday, LGC
Cryoactivation, CRESS, and the Importance of Preanalytics
10:00 11:20 Session 14: NAb – Strategies and applications (in parallel with session 13)
10:00 10:20 Maija Pfenniger, Celerion
How to deal with the challenges of NAb assays: case studies evaluated
10:20 10:40 Johannes Stanta, Freeline therapeutics
Novel approaches for a neutralising anti-capsid assay to detect pre-existing antibodies
10:40 11:00 Robert Nelson, on behalf of the EBF NAb team
Feedback from EBF discussion on NAb strategies (Note: the presentation includes an introduction in the feedback from AAPS, which will be provided in more detail by AAPS NAb leaders in the 01-03 December NAb session)
11:00 11:20 Q&A and sharing experience on NAb strategies by the audience
11:00 12:00 Coffee break
12:00 12:10 Feedback from Workshop Session 4: Remote HA inspections (Plenary)
12:10 12:20 Feedback from Workshop Session 5: Biomarkers – Organisational design driving CoU (Plenary)
12:20 14:15 Session 15: The future of BA – our ethical responsibility to the community (Plenary)
12:20 12:40 Connor Walker, on behalf of the EBF-YSS community
Sustainable Bioanalysis: Where are we now, where are we going?
12:40 13:00 Coral Munday, on behalf of the EBF-YSS community
How Covid-19 impacted our day to day work – learnings for the future
13:00 14:00 All-delegates interactive brain storm and panel discussion on future challenges for the Bioanalytical community
Moderator: Philip Timmerman, EBF
Panel: SMEs from 14th OS organising committee
Themes at least include
 – New modalities, old modalities
 – Avoiding unnecessary experimental animal usage
 – Is every patient/volunteer sample needed? Learnings from Covid-19
Additional themes may be identified with input from a pre-meeting survey to EBF members and meeting delegates
14:00 14:15 Closing remarks – Adjourn
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