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EBF was founded in 2006 at the initiative of 12 pharmaceutical companies. Its goal was to create a platform for discussions around science, day-to-day procedures, business tools, technologies and regulatory issues in Bioanalysis. Until 2010, EBF membership was limited to pharmaceutical R&D companies with bioanalytical activities in Europe. From 2011 onwards, the EBF welcomed CROs having regulated BioA lab-activities in Europe. In 2010, the EBF registered as a non-profit organisation (vzw) (the Belgian Act of 27 June 1921 on non-profit associations, international non-profit associations and foundations. The EBF non-profit organisation was integrated into the Belgian Code on Companies and Associations (the BCCA) in 2023.

The EBF organises three meeting formats which are open to all: Focus Workshops, the Open Symposium and the Young Scientist Symposium. For more information on our meetings, go to

Steering Committee

The day-to-day management is delegated from the Management Body of the Association to a Steering Committee.

EBF Mission

  • Our mission is to share, discuss, optimize and seek alignment on a broad array of bioanalytical topics including science, procedures, business tools and technology, and regulatory issues.
  • Internal discussions within EBF aim to recommend or influence opinions/procedures towards our members, business partners, regulatory bodies and any other stakeholders.
  • Going forward, EBF is providing guidance and recommendations to the European and Global bioanalytical community
  • Finally, provide development opportunities for EU based scientist by joining cross company collaborations and contributions to peer reviewed journals, international meetings and symposia

Ground rules and apply for membership:

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