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Program details of the EBF 8th YSS

Thursday 19 May 2022
08:30 Registration desk opens
09:45 10:00 Welcome and introduction to the 8th YSS
Philip Timmerman, EBF
10:00 11:00 Session 1: Starting on a high note
Session chairs: Liesl Heughebaert and Amelia Roberts
10:00 10:20 Dorota Turoňová, Charles University (not released for publication)
Microsampling for cocaine analysis – the future or just a fairy tale?
10:20 10:40 Marco Cirrincione, Unibo (not released for publication)
Innovative DBS microfluidics-based technology for the analysis of CBD and its metabolites
10:40 11:00 Sigrid Deprez, U-Ghent (not released for publication)
Combined therapeutic drug monitoring of four immunosuppressants and creatinine using a single dried blood spot using the capitainer qDBS device
11:00 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 12:30 Session 2: Diving deeper into the data
Session chairs: Adam Williams and Salvatore Calogero
11:30 11:50 Jyotsna Kaur, LGC
Impact of automation on cut point and statistical analysis in immunogenicity
11:50 12:10 Eniko de Jong, ICON plc
Discussion of possible interpretations of the Low Quality Control Sample determination in immunogenicity assays
12:10 12:30 Cathy M. Jacobs, Saarland University (not released for publication)
Adherence monitoring – Which sample matrix might be used when?
12:30 12:45 Introduction to the 8th Science Café
Introduction by Connor Walker
12:45 13:45 Lunch – tables grouped to start Science Café discussions
13:45 15:30 8th Science Cafe (Format: round table)
Pre-, during and post the Science Café, the YSS-OC wants to engage you on forging and fostering accurate and clear (scientific) communication from our industry. We will be looking at it from 2 angles:
External = to the community we are serving, e.g. via social media … a community relying on us and that may not be fully on board with the value, details or granularity of our (scientific) communication… with re- or misinterpreting of our message, or potentially being misled.
Internal = In the lab and with our stakeholders, within and across teams and/or organisations. The value that accurate, open and timely communication can bring to projects, individuals and teams.
The YSS-OC will prepare a pre-meeting survey to give food-for-thought for a dynamic roundtable panel discussion during our Science Café
15:30 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 17:00 Session 3: What if it’s not LBA or Chromatography…?
Session chairs: Kate Groves and Oscar Knight
16:00 16:20 Axel Treu, Bayer AG
MALDI mass spectrometry imaging – A sharp tool for pharma research
16:20 16:40 Anna E. van Beek, Sanquin Diagnostics Services
Biomarker assays: a take on optimisation and validation in a regulated bioanalysis lab
17:00 18:00 Session 4: Old meets young
Session introduction: Philip Timmerman
17:00 17:30 Kyra Cowan, on behalf of the EBF
Expert view on Context of Use principles for biomarker assay validation and sample analysis
17:30 18:00 Matthew Barfield, on behalf of the EBF
Expert view on the changing world and futire challenges for the bioanalytical community
18:00 18:30 Open discussion on both themes
Friday 20 May 2022
09:00 09:30 Feedback from the Science Café
09:30 10:30 (Parallel) Session 5: And what if it is chromatography?
Session chairs: Robert Stewart and Cathy Jacobs
09:30 09:50 Lea Wagmann, Saarland University (not released for publication)
Is hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography suitable for emergency toxicology determination of drugs in blood plasma?
09:50 10:10 Claire Szuster, LGC
Under Pressure: Manual versus Automated Solid Phase Extraction Platforms in the BioA Lab
10:10 10:30 Niklas Danne-Rasche, Nuvisan
Sound bioanalysis of liposomal drug-delivery systems – Implications and considerations for method valdiation processes.
09:30 10:30 (Parallel) Session 6: And what if it is LBA?
Session chairs: Elien Van Nuffel and Katja Zeiser
09:30 09:50 Nadine Commandeur, Sanquin Diagnostic Services (not released for publication)
The challenges of adapting a ready-to-use commercial kit for the measurement of a biomarker involved in underserved bleeding disorders.
09:50 10:10 Ian de Bus, Sanquin Diagnostics Services (not released for publication)
Development and validation of a fit-for-purpose FVII ELISA suffering from drug interference
10:10 10:25 Georgina Varga, Novo Nordisk in collaboration with U. Copenhagen
Gyrolab immunoassay utilizing acid dissociation: mitigation of anti-drug antibody interference in the detection of an insulin analogue – part 1
10:25 10:40 Manca Spendal, Novo Nordisk in collaboration with U. Copenhagen
Gyrolab immunoassay utilizing acid dissociation: mitigation of anti-drug antibody interference in the detection of an insulin analogue – part 2
10:30 10:45 Poster Pitch – included in Poster viewing slot
10:30 11:30 Coffee break and Poster Viewing
11:30 12:30 (Parallel) Session 7: Can things still go wrong CHROM?
Session chairs: Esme Atkin and Lea Wagman
11:30 11:50 Connor Walker, Quotient Sciences
When things go wrong: Normalising failure
11:50 12:30 Round table (around a few inspiring questions/typical situations) on managing issues lab or project related issues as young scientist
moderators – LC-MS experts from the YSS organising community
11:30 12:30 (Parallel) Session 8: When sometimes things go wrong LBA/CBA…
Session chairs: Francesca Minelli and Elien Van Nuffel
11:30 11:50 Oscar Knight, Intertek
Development and validation of an assay for human anti-PEG antibodies. Rising to the challenge of pre-existing antibodies to PEGylated medicines.
11:50 12:10 Katja Zeisner – Nuvisan
Diving deeper into data: investigation of a CV% issue during a biomarker study using Gyrolab
12:10 12:30 Rosie Penford, GlaxoSmithKline
The Challenges of Developing and Validating Biomarker Assays
12:30 13:30 Lunch break – Poster Focus 2
13:30 14:30 Session 9: Ending big on small
Session chairs: Rosie Penford and Adam Williams
Case study on the implementation of capillary microsampling in non-clinical rodent studies for PK analysis – method development and qualification strategy.
12:30 14:10 Dieter Defever, Argenx
Capillary microsampling for PK analysis in non-clinical rodent studies: case study on PK method development and qualification strategy
13:30 14:10 Ana C. Moran Gil, LabCorp Drug Development
Development of immunogenicity and pharmacokinetic methods using volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS), whole human blood and the MesoScale Discovery (MSD) and Gyrolab platforms.
14:10 14:30 Laura Boffel, U-Ghent (not released for publication)
Microsampling-based method for the determination of acetaminophen and four metabolites: a tool for pharmacokinetic studies
14:30 14:40 Announcement 2022 YSS Best Poster Winner
14:40 14:45 Closing Remarks and Adjourn
Meeting Organisation:
Adam Williams (AstraZeneca), Camilla Marasca (Unibo, until March 2022), Cathy Jacobs (Saarland University), Connor Walker (Quotient Sciences), Amelia Roberts (from March 2022), Elien Van Nuffel (Sanofi), Esme Atkin (ACM), Francesca Minelli (Merck KGaA), Robert Stewart (Labcorp), Katherine Sime (Charles River Laboratories), Katja Zeiser (Nuvisan), Laura Schlicksupp (Abbvie, until April 2022), Lea Wagmann (Saarland University), Liesl Heughebaert (Ugent), Michele Protti (Unibo), Oscar Knight (Intertek), Rosie Penford (GlaxoSmithKline), Salvatore Calogero (F. Hoffmann La Roche), Terence Hetzel (Bayer, until March 2022), Thomas Wilford (LGC Group, until Feb. 2022), Claire Szuster (LGC, from Feb. 2022)
Meeting management: Philip Timmerman (EBF)
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