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Program details of the EBF 5th YSS

Thursday 21 March 2019
16:00   Welcome  –  Registration Opens
17:00 19:00 Science Café: “Regulations – The Future is Ours”
    Theme: With the FDA BMV Guidance recently released and implemented and ICH M10 harmonisation Guideline at our doorsteps, we will try to engage you, the young scientist community, on how you feel modern Guidelines can support good science. You will have the opportunity to exchange views and opinion on the updates and discuss aspects adopted within your laboratory. More info will be shared as we move closer to the meeting.
19:00 20:00 Complementary Cocktail Reception
Friday 22 March 2019
09:00 09:05 Welcome and Introduction
    Laura Mercolini (Unibo) – Michele Protti (Unibo)
09:05 09:45 Feedback from the Science Café
    Session chairs: Mathias Salger (Nuvisan) – Tessa McDonald (Unilabs York Bio)
09:45 11:20 Session 1:  Let’s Continue Small
    Session chairs: Michele Protti (Unibo) – Farjana Mahammed (GlaxoSmithKline)
09:45 09:50 Farjana Mahammed (GlaxoSmithKline)
    Introduction to the morning session
09:50 10:05 Lisa Delahaye (U-Ghent)
    Volumetric absorptive microsampling as an alternative tool for adduct-based monitoring of paracetamol toxicity
10:05 10:20 Michele Protti (Unibo)
    Bringing microsampling to the clinical practice: bioanalytical outcomes from a 4-year workplace alcohol consumption monitoring project
10:20 10:35 Matthijs Pijnappel (Recipharm) not released for publication
    Head-to-head comparison of Dried Blood Spots and traditional plasma PK sampling in a clinical trial
10:35 10:50 Ian Dawson (Covance)
    Considerations for the use of volumetric adsorption micro sampling (VAMS) devices for a clinical bioanalytical assay
10:50 11:20 Panel Discussion
    Future Avenues for Small Volume Sampling in the Clinic.
11:20 12:00 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
12:00 12:50 Session 2:  From Applications to Lunch
    Session chairs: Joerg Faber (A&M Labor) – Chris Fox (MedImmune)
12:00 12:10 Jessica Knox (Charles River)
    Adapting to new guidance on the performance of in-vitro Bioanalysis
12:10 12:20 Chris Nortcliffe (Sciex) not released for publication
    Ultra-sensitive Quantification of Monoclonal antibodies and ADCs in Mouse Plasma using Micro LC-MS/MS methods.
12:20 12:30 Quentin Enjalbert (ANAQUANT)
    LC-HRMS approach to identify and quantitate potential markers for pre-clinical and clinical applications in heterogeneous samples
12:30 12:40 Sophia Christou (LGC)
    The role of bioanalytical CRO’s in therapeutic drug monitoring
12:40 12:50 Annelies Cannaert (U-Ghent)
    Alternative screening tools for the detection of novel psychoactive substances using an activity-based approach
12:50 13:10 Hungry? Not yet…: 20 min poster pitch
    Session chairs: Lisa Delahaye (U-Ghent) – Chris Fox (MedImmune)
13:10 14:10 Lunch break – Poster viewing
14:10 15:25 Session 3: Platform 93/4
    Session chairs: Alexandra Vantcheva (Comac Medical) – Tessa McDonald (Unilabs York Bio)
14:10 14:25 Katja Zeiser (Nuvisan)
    MSD Assay Development – promises and issues
14:25 14:40 Toon Babylon (UCB Pharma) not released for publication
    Bridging a classic serum PK assay to Cerebrospinal Fluid: challenges in using surrogate matrices and semi-automation during assay development and validation
14:40 14:55 Sarah Collomb (Novimmune)
    Comparison of GyrolabTM and MSD® platforms for development of an anti-drug antibody assay
14:55 15:10 Christopher Fox (MedImmune)
    Direct comparison between methods for the detection of PCSK9 on the Gyrolab and the ELLA instruments
15:10 15:25 Florian Neff (Roche)
    Exploring ELLA technology for pre-clinical drug quantification and immunogenicity assessment
15:25 16:00 Coffee break
16:00 16:05 Announcement 2019 YSS Best Poster Prize
16:05 17:25 Session 4: Don’t Leave Yet, There’s More…
    Session chairs: Lisa Delahaye (U-Ghent) – Toon Babylon (UCB Pharma)
16:05 16:25 Jenny Baker (LGC)
    Characterisation of RED devices: A glimpse into the challenges of protein binding in the bioanalysis area of drug development
16:25 16:45 Alexandra Vantcheva (Comac Medical)
    The importance of selecting a method-appropriate internal standard for the quantitative determination of a recombinant polypeptide using a LC-MS/MS technique
16:45 17:05 Matthew Sciscione (Syneos Health)
    Assuring Quality and Consistency of Critical Reagents
17:05 17:25 Laure Queyrel (Envigo)
    On the road to simplified and fit for purpose immunogenicity assays to support pre-clinical studies
17:25 17:30 Closing Remarks and Adjourn


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