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YSS Slides 2016

PDF renditions of the powerpoint presentations can be viewed and downloaded from this page by clicking the specific point on the program.The program itself can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

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Program details of the EBF 3rd YSS

In Unity Lies Power; Building a Better Bioanalytical World Together
Final Program
08:30 Welcome and Introduction
08:35 session 1:  Overcoming Bioanalytical Mysteries
08:35 Farjana Mahammed (GlaxoSmithKline)
Analytical Method Transfer –  Are our methods Smooth Sailing or Slowly Sinking?
08:55 Patrick Heath (Covance)
Overcoming soluble target interference in an Immunogenicty screening assay incorporating an immunodepletion step using streptavidin magnetic beads.
09:15 Stacey Casswell (Envigo)
Challenges and considerations in the use of a immunoassay method for the detection of TSH, T3 and T4 for use in reproduction/developmental toxcology studies.
09:35 Jana Zemenová (University of Prague)
Lipopeptides – challenges in bioanalysis of novel pharmaceutical targets via LC-MS and immunomethods
09:55 Jason Pembroke (LGC)
Bioanalytical Challenges of Chelating Compound
10:15 Coffee break
10:45 Project YSS: Together we succeed: feedback from YSS collaboration projects
10:45 Feedback from the pre-competitive collaborative work between
AstraZeneca, Charles River, Covance, GlaxoSmithKline, Ghent University, Janssen R&D LGC and Q2-solutions on Liquid Microsampling
Moderators: Aline Swinnen and Sheelan Ahmad (for EBF-YSS)
11:30 Feedback from the pre-competitive collaborative work between
AstraZeneca, Bioagilitix, Charles River,  LGC MedImmune and Novimmune SA on multiplex biomarker assay performance
Moderators: Jonathan Paraskos and Sufyan Maqbool (for EBF-YSS)
12:15 Lunch break
13:15 Session 2: Transforming Bioanalysis Through Innovation
13:15 Mikko Hölttä (AstraZeneca)
Bioanalytical strategies for quantification of intact RNA and its metabolites
13:35 Sofie Velghe (University of Ghent)
Fully automated direct extraction and analysis of dried blood spots for the determination of five anti-epileptic drugs and one active metabolite
13:55 Yannick Van Wanseele (Free University of Brussels)
The application of superchargers to increase nanoUHPLC-MS/MS method sensitivity for quantification of the neuropeptide neuromedin U
14:15 Emily Bell (Charles River)
Immunocapture as a Viable Sample Preparation Technology in the Transition between Pre-Clinical and Clinical Bioanalysis
14:35 Kees Pelster (PRA Health Sciences)
Validation of capillary microsampling assays: a practical point of view
14:55 Tea break
15:15 Session 3: Ask The Experts
15:15 Morgan Evans (Intertek)
Technologies of Immunogenicity: An ADA case study
15:35 Sijranke Post (PRA Health Sciences)
The challenges in validating a 6-color T-, B- and NK-cell flow cytometry assay in human whole blood using multiple blood collections tubes as well as manual and automatic sample processing.
15:55 Adeline Besson (Novimmune SA)
Development and validation of a novel biomarker assay to support the development of a biologic
16:15 Godknows Hlatshwayo (LGC)
Case Study: Immunoassay Development for a gene therapy drug
16:35 Sara Capiau (University of Ghent)
Development and validation of an ICP-MS method to quantitatively determine cobalt in volumetric absorptive microsampling (VAMS) devices for the follow-up of metal-on-metal prosthesis patients.
16:55 2016 Best Presenter prize and Wrap-up
 17:00 Adjourn



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