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YSS Slides 2015

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Program YSS      november 17, 2015

Future of Bioanalysis… A Bridge between Industry and Academia


08:35 09:35 Expect the Unexpected

Ils Pijpers (Janssen R&D)
Identification and mitigation of an unexpected interference  in plasma samples originating from a special population PK study

Alison Cooper (MedImmune)
Challenges and Considerations for the Development of Ligand Binding Assays for
Novel Antibody Fusions

Rajasekhar Thotakura (Envigo)
A Strategic Approach for Dealing with Variable Adduct Formation and Irreversible
Protein Binding for LC-MS/MS Applications

Pierre-Yves Caron (InVentivHealth)
Robust  Sample Analysis: The Importance of Method Development.

Elli Oksanen (Syrinx Bioanalytics)
Universal detection reagent for immunogenicity assays in cynomolgus monkey samples

09:35 11:05 Rise of the Large Molecules

James Howard (LGC)
Little to LARGE: LC-MS/MS Peptide Method Development for Small Molecule Specialists

Stéphanie Teixeira (NovImmune)
Challenges of inflammatory biomarker assay development and validation

Gaëtan Chasseigne (Novartis)
Parallelism assessment during method validation for the quantitation of Biologics – Case study of a drug peptide and recommendations

Kabir Hussain (MedImmune)
Immunogenicity Testing of Large Molecules & the Challenges of Developing ADA Assays

Christelle Pythoud (Celerion)
The Road to Functional Bioanalysis: Development and Validation of a Cell-Based Assay for Neutralizing Anti-Drug Antibody Analysis

11:20 12:10 The LLOQ is not enough

Liz Hickford (UCB BioPharma)
Development of an accurate and sensitive ELISA for the measurement of TNF in clinical samples

Suzy Geerinckx (Janssen R&D)
LC–MS/MS method for simultaneous quantification of Prostaglandins in colon polyps and punches

Antoine Francotte (UCB BioPharma / HELHa)
Application of Immunocapture sample pretreatment for improved specificity and sensitivity

Victoria Jennings (Covance)
The analysis of Clobetasol and Clobetasol-17-propionate in human plasma by LC-MS/MS

13:10 14:40 To Infinity and Beyond

Sara Capiau (University of Ghent)
A novel non-contact method to estimate the hematocrit of dried blood spots

Michele Protti (University of Bologna)
Dried urine microsamples: a novel strategy  for LC-MS/MS analysis of oxycodone and metabolites

Karl Pettersson (Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S)
Evaluation of a promising new homogenous assay technology (SPARCL) and comparisons with MSD, using FSH in human serum, as test substance

James Beecroft (Envigo)
Use of Design of Experiments (DoE) Software to quickly and successfully develop immunoassay methods

Tinne Huybrechts (Janssen R&D)
The development of a sensitive LC-MS/MS assay for analysis of stable isotope labeled microdose exposure in the presence of therapeutic drug levels in human volunteers


15:25 16:40 Bridging the Bioanalytical Community

Bert Rutten (LGC)
A personal perspective on moving between academia and industry:“A Journey from Industry to Academia and Back”

Sílvia M. Illamola (Unité de recherche Clinique – Hôpital Cochin, Paris)
Plasma Protein Binding, new approaches and challenges for this kind of bioanalysis

Jason Bilodeau (InVentivHealth)
Reaching lower limits of quantification by LC-MS/MS : The quest for  sensitivity

Apoorva Kotian (UCB BioPharma)
Higher throughput approaches towards the absolute quantitation of drug metabolising enzymes and membrane transporters in complex matrices



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