European Bioanalysis Forum

Focus Workshop Slides 2015 September

Program of EBF Workshop  “The ‘W4’ of Metabolite profiling and quantification strategies in drug R&D: When, What, Why and Who?” September 25, 2015

PDF renditions of the powerpoint presentations can be viewed and downloaded from this page by clicking the specific point on the program.The program itself can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here


01. Welcome 

02. Stephen White – EBF – The regulatory landscape

03. Stuart Mc Dougall – EBF – Survey results

04. Claude Delatour – UCB BioPharma

05. Stefan Blech – BI

06. Graeme Young – GlaxoSmithKline

07. Geert Mannens – Janssen RD

08. Martha Green – Charles River

09. Philip Timmerman – EBF – afternoon breakout intro

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