EBF vzw is the registered non-profit organisation of the European Bioanalysis Forum

The European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) is an organisation comprised of global and European R&D based pharmaceutical companies and contract organisations with operational activities in the EU. The membership shares a common vision to advance our understanding of topical concerns through discussion of scientific, technological and regulatory issues of bioanalytical interest.

  • R&D based Pharma companies and CROs can become member.
  • Member should have BA operation in Europe dealing with Regulated Bioanalysis.
  • Can contribute to EBF in those capacities (active participation to open and strategy meetings, active members of topic teams etc)

Each company assigns 1 representative and one deputy to the EBF.

  • The representative is single point, represents their company on EBF matters internally.
  • The deputy replaces the representative when he/she cannot attend. Active participation in EBF is mandatory for representative/deputy. Failure to actively participate for 1 full year (absence from strategy meeting, failure to actively participate in teams) suspends membership.
  • As EBF is a non-profit organisation, EBF does not support any business development activities beyond the activities contractually agreed as part of sponsoring of EBF conferences, does not present at single vendor meetings, does not participate in purely for profit conferences, does not allow advertisements of members or invites, requests that any public use of the brand and logo is approved by the SC.
  • Member should have senior empowerment in own company on BA matters

To apply for membership download and fill the application form and address your request to one of the Steering Committee members: EBF Community Application Form.

The Steering Committee can be emailed at: info@europeanbioanalysisforum.eu