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Slides of EBF within BCN-2018

PDF renditions of the EBF powerpoint presentations can be viewed and downloaded from this page by clicking the highlighted point on the program.

Day 1 – Wednesday 21 NOV 2018

Day 1-02: Future Bioanalytical Landscape
Philip Timmerman, EBF
Future challenges for BioA
Matthew Barfield, on behalf of the EBF
Singlet or Duplicate analysis in LBA? 
Marianne Scheel Fjording, on behalf of the EBF
EBF Biomarker Strategies – a new deal?
Day 1-03:  Regulatory Feedback on and/or interactions with FDA, MHRA, ICH
Jo Goodman, on behalf of the EBF
Updates on the Immunogencity Guidelines (EMA/FDA) and feedback from regulatory discussions from the recent EBF Autumn Focus Workshop
Philip Timmerman, EBF
ICH M10: Updates on the process and progress
Day 1-04 Jupiter: Immunogenicity 1
Barry van der Strate, on behalf of the EBF
Critical Reagents for ADA assays: an EBF perspective

Day 2 – Thursday 22 NOV 2018

Day 2-02 Auditorium: Scientific Validation/Fit for Purpose Round table
Introduction to the session
Day 2-02 Jupiter: New Technologies: LBA
WS 1: Technology Development
– EBF Intro
WS 2: e-Environment / Data Integrity 
EBF Intro
WS 3: Biomarkers
EBF intro and case studies
WS 4: Automation
– EBF Survey data
WS 5: qPCR current application in bioanalysis
EBF intro and survey

Day 3 – Friday 23 NOV 2018

Day 3-01 Auditorium: LC-MS Technical Applications
Organisers of the 5th EBF Young Scientist Symposium
To Bioanalysis and Beyond!
Day 3-02 Auditorium: Practical Implementation of FDA 2018 BMV Guidance
EBF Case studies and/or survey results